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Heart for Africa Ornaments to benefit Summer Mission Trips

The Mission groups will be selling Heart for Africa Ornaments made by the Khutsala Artisans of Swaziland.

Ornaments available are the Snowy Star, Red Bell, Multi-colored Tree, Purple Ornament, and Snowy White Angel.

Each ornament sells for $20.00

Khutsala Artisans is a HFA initiative designed to provide training and FAIR TRADE employment to local Swazi people.  They currently employ 100+ Swazi women and men, training them in the art of jewelry making, bead craft, pottery and woodworking.

In a country where the unemployment rate can reach 70% their desire is to provide HOPE and help the people of this nation break the cycle of poverty and provide for their families.  $12.00 of each ornament sold goes to the care and education of the orphaned and vulnerable children that HFA has rescued and now live at Project Canaan.

The profit from every 25 ornaments sold provides one orphan with food, shelter, care, education, and love for an entire month.

The remaining $8.00 of each ornament sold will help defray the cost of our Middle School and Adult Mission Trips scheduled for June 2018.

The ornaments make great gifts for teachers, secret santa gifts, friends and family!

Contact a Mission Trip participate or call Rita at 262-763-2050 to purchase today.

Holy Week Mass Schedule

Triduum – Holy Thursday
6:30pm – St Mary
7:00pm – St. Chares
7:00pm – St. Joseph

Triduum – Good Friday
12:00pm St. Charles
1:00pm – St. Mary
7:00pm – St. Joseph

Triduum- Holy Saturday
8:15 pm – St. Charles
8:15 pm – St. Joseph
8:15 pm – St. Mary

Easter Sunday
8:00am – St. Charles
8:00am – St. Mary
9:30am – St. Joseph
10:00am – St. Charles
10:30am – St. Mary
12:00pm – St Charles (Spanish)

Thanksgiving Match Fund Program Returns!

Each week we ask you to take home a bulletin because it is full of information – what is going on at St. Joseph’s, our neighboring parishes and community. Once a month, however, there is some news that is not so good, and that is the monthly financial report. Often our expenses are more than our income.

One member of our parish, who wishes to remain anonymous, has re-issued a challenge to his fellow parishioners: have a special fund drive in November again this year and he will match what is brought in, up to $4,000! Envelopes are in the pews for making this special donation.

Please take one home and give prayerful consideration to what more you can donate between now and November 30th.

Let’s be up to this challenge!

Boxes of Joy Service Project – 2016

1471999403On Wednesday, November 2nd, our REP families packed up 94 Boxes of Joy for the Cross Catholic Outreach program. It was great fun to choose items and create a gift specially for an individual. The students even got to enclose personal greetings! Thanks to the generosity of St. Joseph’s parishioners, we have collected over $400 to help ship these boxes. If you took a box after Mass to fill, it is due back this weekend!

Look at all the fun we had!

And The Tree Came Tumbling Down

Once an icon on the parish grounds the White Ash Tree just outside the Parish Center was removed on November 3rd.  The tree figured to be approximately 102 years old and been in decline for the last ten years.  There was considerable decay in the one of the main limbs.  The bottom portion of the trunk was saved in hopes to commission a sculpture.  Thanks to Complete Tree Service for the fine job accomplished.

Tri-Parish Summer Outdoor Mass – July 10th

outdoor mass

For the weekend of July 9th and 10th the Sunday mass will be held at Echo Park in Burlington at 10:00am
This will be the only mass offered for all three parishes that day. Saturday evening mass schedule will remain unchanged.

This event is rain or shine.  In the event of inclement weather the Mass will be moved to the pavilion in Echo Park.


A very limited number of chairs will be available for seating.  PLEASE bring law chairs for your seating.


Parking at Veterans Terrace is limited to those parishioners with government issued handicap parking permits and for those who need special assistance.  If you do not have such a parking permit, but need assistance, please contact the parish office to obtain a parking pass for this event.  This pass will allow you to park at Veteran’s Terrace or the lot across the street.

Other parking options include St. Mary or St. Charles parking lots.  Shuttles are available from 9:00 to 9:45am.  You make park int he city garage or on the streets.


Children’s Church will be available for kids age 3-9 during scripture readings and homily time. Children will return to their families following the homily.


Fellowship will be offered after Mass in the pavilion.

5-22-2016- A Message from our Deacon Candidate

As we prepare for the warmer months of summer, I have begun the final trimester of my first year of Candidacy. This past year has been filled with
classes Pastoral Spanish, Christology, and in depth study of the gospels. The formation process is challenging in all of the best possible ways, and allows me
to continue to grow in my faith. I will still have two years of Candidacy remaining in the Formation process. In August, the admissions committee will
once again review each of us Candidates to make sure we are all progressing in our formation.

The Fall trimester was focused on preparing for the Installation as Lector. This is the first rite on my way to ordination. It is an honor to receive this installation
that is unique to those on the path of ordination in the Church. It was such a blessing that Father Jim was able to attend this special Mass with myself and my

The Winter Trimester was focused on continuing to form some of the skills that will be helpful as we move into more involved and active roles of ministry. At
the end of the trimester in March in between preparing for presentations and writing final papers, my wife and I welcomed our 5th daughter, Elaine Gloria into
our family. And although they don’t teach labor and delivery in Diaconate Formation, I feel confident that I can handle the birth process at this point. We
feel so blessed by all of our children, and it is such a privilege that they are able to go through this formation process by my side.

This summer I will be heading down to the Dominican Republic to complete my Societal Justice placement at La Sagrada Familia. This July I will be living with a
host family and immersing myself in the daily projects of the impoverished communities in the Azua province. As I prepare for this trip, I have been
reflecting on all of the blessings we take for granted in our lives: the electricity, running clean water, indoor plumbing, and air conditioning. I feel so humbled to
be allowed this opportunity to grow in my faith through my interactions with this community. I am confident that I will learn more from them than they could
ever learn from me.

Thank you for all of your prayers, encouraging words, and kind gestures! At times this process has its challenges, but as always my family and I feel the love
and support from my faith family.
Anton Niccolai

Congratulations First Communicants

Let the little children come to Me, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. (Luke 18:16) 

Sunday May 1st the following children will be receiving their 1st Holy Communion.  Please keep them in your prayers

  • Jackson Behling
  • Sarah Henningfield
  • Jesse Lancaster
  • Maryn Nichols

Prayer at a Child’s First Communion

Lord Jesus Christ, in the Sacrament of the Eucharist You left us the outstanding manifestation of your limitless love for us. Thank You for giving our child the opportunity to experience this love in receiving the Sacrament for the first time. May your Eucharist presence keep him/her ever free from sin, fortified in faith, pervaded by love for God and neighbor, and fruitful in virtue, that he/she may continue to receive You throughout life and attain final union with You at death.