8-20-2017 – Message from Father Jim

1)  Each year our parishes are asked to take part in supporting the work and mission of the Church in southeastern Wisconsin through the Catholic Stewardship Appeal.  While the names and testimonials of those whose lives have changed because of the Appeal vary, the messages of faith, hope, and charity remain the same and resonate as strongly as ever.

This year’s theme, We Are ONE, speaks to our unity in Jesus Christ and the Archdiocesan-wide faith connection among all Catholics.  It is a reflection of our deep human need and desire to find a sense of belonging and purpose.  Please reflect on and pray about this as you look within yourself to determine what you can do to make a difference to serve your brothers and sisters.

The Appeal supports a variety of ministries and programs, many of which directly impact our own parishes.  For example, training for our council members, support for our religious education and young adult programs, guidance relating to how we pray, worship and celebrate the sacraments, and support for our outreach and stewardship efforts are just some of the ways .  In other words, while the Appeal is Archdiocesan-wide, benefits received by parishes like ours are local and tangible.

Beyond your offertory and other financial gifts, a gift to the Appeal is also an investment in the life of our parishes.  It provides funding for activities, such as those listed above, for which we as parishes simply could not provide on our own.
If you have already donated to the CSA, I thank you on behalf of the Archbishop.  If you have not yet made a contribution, I hope you decide to join me in giving to this year’s Catholic Stewardship Appeal.  I strongly believe in the importance of supporting that from which we all benefit.

I know the spirit of giving is alive and well in your heart, and collectively within our parishes, so I thank you in advance for your generous gift of faith.  For more information about the Appeal and how your gift will make a difference, please visit www.catholicappeal.org.

2)  I want to thank everyone who was involved with the Tri-Parish Music Festival that took place last Saturday.  What a talented group of folks our parishes are blessed with!  It was a spirit-filled evening that was very enjoyable.  I look forward to next year!

God bless you always!

Fr. Jim Volkert