1-21-2018 – Message From Father Jim

Tomorrow, Monday, January 22nd is the 45th anniversary of the decision in the Roe vs. Wade case by the Supreme Court, which made abortion legal in our country. In these forty-five years, millions of society’s weakest and most defenseless members’ lives have been destroyed. I think it is important to ask ourselves as Catholics if we do all we can to help eliminate the climate that makes abortion attractive to some women who find themselves pregnant. For example, unmarried mothers need our sympathy, our support and our love. When we withhold this we contribute to the climate that makes abortion possible, and common.

To be Pro-Life people we have to make sure that the child is raised and supported properly. A child can die of neglect or malnutrition after two months of birth just as easily today as a child can be taken from the womb through an abortion. As Pro-Life people we must protect that sanctity of life both in the womb and outside of the womb. This is the type of respect for life that we are called on to demonstrate in our communities, a respect for that most precious gift that our Lord shares so freely with us.

Lord, our God,
You have called us to defend life in all its forms
from the unborn to the elderly in our society.
May we always have the strength and the courage
to speak out against those things that
degrade life in any way.
May we always uphold the fundamental dignity
and equality of every human being.

God bless you always!
Father Jim Volkert