19th Annual Chix Dinner and Festival

Sunday, June 3rd
10:30am – 3:00-pm
1540 Mill St, Lyons, WI


Bring the whole family and guests for a delicious rotisserie chicken dinner put on by your friends at St. Joseph’s Parish.

Serving starts at 11:00am
1/2 chicken and fixin’s $11.00
1/4 chicken and fixin’s $7.00
Hot Dog Meal $5.00
Carryouts available.
Prepurchase of tickets is recommended. If you do not have a ticket there will be limited dinners available the day of the event.
For Tickets call: 262-723-3875

Bouncy House, Kid’s Activities
Quilt of Valor – Raffle for Vets
Wine Sampler
Ice Cream Sundaes
Motorcycle Blessing
Silent Auction
Beer Sampler
Antique Vehicle Rides
Bean Bag Tables
BHS Juggling Club
Chair Massage
Cash & Prize Raffles (donations are now being accepted)



Do you love to sing?
Come and sing your heart out and win money.

Awards will be given for each age group
12 years and under
13-18 years old
19 years and older

Buy a chicken meal to enter.  Call for reservations and sign up now.
All participants get two tickets to use for the raffle.

A Catholic Financial Life Matching Funds Event

1-28-2018 – Message from Father Jim

Today is the beginning of Catholic Schools Week. The entire week is one for celebrating the gifts and contributions that Catholic education brings to our community. We are fortunate to have a K-12 Catholic School opportunity for our families. I would like to take this opportunity to offer a word of acknowledgement and gratitude to all of the administration, faculty and staff of our schools who have made a commitment to carrying out a central mission of the Church, educating our young people. To our principals Mrs. Mary MacDonald, Mrs. Loretta Jackson and to Mrs. Bonnie Scholz at Catholic Central goes our sincere appreciation for their leadership. I also want to salute all of our teachers who share so selflessly their time and talents with our students and the support staff at our schools who ensure that all runs smoothly. We are fortunate to have such dedicated people at our schools and we thank God for them.

Finally, I want to offer a word of thanks to all of the parents of our students. Our Catholic schools would not exist without your sincere devotion and commitment. It is incredible to see the many volunteers offering their time in a variety of ways, all for the same purpose: the good of the schools. Thank you for the sacrifices you make to send your children to a Catholic school. May the Lord richly bless and reward you for sharing a most precious gift with your children.

Among the many activities scheduled for this week is a Mass on Wednesday that will be celebrated in thanksgiving for Catholic education at 9:45 AM in the gym at St. Mary’s. Students from all of our schools as well as from St. Joseph Grade School in Big Bend will participate. Please join us in our celebration!

God bless you always!
Father Jim Volkert

3/6/2016-Message from Father jim

“Jubilee Year of Mercy/March – Visit the Imprisoned”

As we continue our observance of the Jubilee Year of Mercy the month of March calls our attention to the Corporal Work of Mercy, “Visit the Imprisoned”. Someone remarked to me at the start of the Year of Mercy that this was the one Corporal Works of Mercy that would be the most difficult. The other Corporal Works of Mercy are much more feasible than visiting someone in prison. Perhaps this is true. Not too many people have had the experience of visiting a prison and maybe the thought of doing so is not that appealing to some. There are other ways, however, that we can support and give encouragement to those who are imprisoned.

I invite you to explore the following groups that help us as Church to support those imprisoned.

The one thing we can all do this month is to remember that even the prisoner guilty of the most awful crime is still created in God’s image and is loved by God no less than God loves you or me. Along with the protection of society from truly dangerous individuals, one goal of imprisonment should always be rehabilitation so that the “lost” can be “found” and restored to a right relationship with God and others. Keeping those who are affected either directly or indirectly in this area of life in our prayers is offering a work of mercy.

Just a reminder that there will also be two Communal Reconciliation Services offered this Lent:

  • Wednesday, March 9th beginning at 7:00 PM at St. Charles
  • Saturday, March 19th at 10:00 AM at St. Joseph.

Please join us not only in the Season of Lent but during this Jubilee Year of Mercy as we celebrate the gift of God’s abundant love and forgiveness.

God bless you!
Fr. Jim Volkert

5-31-2015- Message from Father Jim

Congratulations to our Eighth Grade Graduates of St. Charles Grade School and St. Mary Grade School who will celebrate their graduations this week.  These fine young people are to be commended for accomplishing this first part of their academic journey.  I want to wish them the best of luck as they now face the new challenge of high school and the opportunities that await them there.  I want to offer a word of thanks to the faculties and staff of our grade schools and in particular to Mrs. Mary MacDonald and Mrs. Loretta Jackson, our dedicated principals.  We are very fortunate to have such dedicated people help promote and build up our Catholic grade schools.

I also want to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our high school seniors who are graduating from Catholic Central High School and from Burlington High School.  We are proud of their achievements and wish them success in their future plans, whether it be in the work world or in continued studies.

Congratulations Graduates of 2015 . . . we are proud of you!

God bless you always!
Fr. Jim Volkert

5-24-2015- Message from Father Jim

Pentecost – The Gifts of the Spirit

1)  “There are different gifts, but the same Spirit.  All of us have been given to drink of the one Spirit.” These beautiful words of St. Paul in his Letter to the Corinthians speak to us about God’s powerful gift of His Spirit.  In his Letter to the people of Corinth, Paul speaks specifically about the “gifts” of the Spirit:  about those different ministries, different works, and about different people, being all members of one body.  These “gifts” of the Spirit are just that, gifts from God that are shared so freely and so lovingly with all of us.  The gifts of the Spirit:  Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, and Fear of the Lord.  Because these “gifts” of the Spirit are shared so freely with each of us, St. Paul tells us that we in turn must “take the Spirit’s lead” and share them with one another.  This Feast of Pentecost reminds us that we are all called to be of service in our world.  No matter what our backgrounds or present status in life may be, not matter what our age, race, or sex may be, we are all called to service.  As we reflect on the words from St. Paul we are reminded that we must not allow the gift of the Holy Spirit remain stagnant in our lives. The gifts of the Holy Spirit must be put into action.  The gifts that we offer are different because the spiritual gifts of each person are different.  It doesn’t matter which way we serve the Lord, the important thing is that we serve.  The Holy Spirit is alive and working within our parishes!  This is evident in the way that we worship as well as the way we enact the Corporal Works of Mercy in our communities.  The Holy Spirit is with us always, helping us use the gifts we are blessed with to transform our Church, our community and our world into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.  The following prayer was written by St. Augustine:

Breath in me, O Holy Spirit, that my thought may all be holy; Act in me, O Holy Spirit, that my work, too, may be holy; Draw my heart, O Holy Spirit, that I love but what is holy; Strengthen me, O Holy Spirit, to defend all that is holy;
Guard me, then, O Holy Spirit, that I always may be holy.

2) Tomorrow our nation pauses to commemorate Memorial Day.  On this day we remember in a special way all of those who gave their lives in defense of our country, those many man and women who fought for the freedom that we enjoy today.  Memorial Day has traditionally been a day to visit cemeteries and gather together as families to give thanks for the loved ones that have gone on to their eternal home.  As we gather this Memorial Day may we once again give thanks to God for the gifts that we have as a nation and for those who died to ensure them.  May they rest in peace.

Please plan on joining us for Mass on Memorial Day in the St. Mary Cemetery at 8:00 AM.  Feel free to bring lawn chairs.  Hope to see you there!

God bless you always!
Fr. Jim Volkert

04-12-2015- Message from Father Jim

A Message from Father Jim . . .

Once again, I would like to offer a sincere word of thanks to everyone at our parishes who made our Holy Week and Easter services very beautiful, prayerful experiences.  As I reflected on these days, I felt very fortunate that we have so many talented, hardworking people in our parish communities who give so freely of their time.  From our choirs and musicians, to all our Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Altar Servers and Ushers, to all the church decorators, to those who cleaned the churches and had them spotless for the Masses, I want to say “Thank You”.  I was very heartened also by the number of parishioners who joined us for each service.  This was a wonderful expression of faith and a testimony to the importance of these holy days.

On this Divine Mercy Sunday when we give thanks to our Risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for His abundant mercy and forgiveness He offers us through His holy sacrifice on the cross, we also ponder today’s Gospel depicting St. Thomas, the doubter.  These days we must have a strong faith in order to give witness to others what a difference our faith does make in our lives.  St. Thomas offers us a wonderful phrase that we, too, can repeat when we become aware of the Lord’s presence in our midst:  “My Lord and my God”.  I offer the following prayer for our meditation:

Dear St. Thomas,
you were once slow in believing
that Christ had gloriously risen;
but later, because you had seen Him,
you exclaimed:
“My Lord and my God!”
But your love for Him was always great
and it led you to give up your life for Him.
Pray for us that we may grieve our sins
which were the cause of Christ’s suffering.
Help us to spend ourselves in His service
and so earn the title of “blessed”
which Jesus applied to those
who would believe in Him
without seeing Him.

God bless you always!
Father Jim Volkert

Message from Father Jim – 02-22-2015

Reflections on the First Sunday of Lent

“Remember your people and have mercy on us, Lord.” This sentiment is taken from Psalm 25, our Responsorial Psalm from today’s Mass, and is a cry that we send up in a particular way this Lent.  This should be our fervent prayer these next six weeks.  Lent is such a powerful season because it is in this season more than any other that God listens to us, His people, acknowledging our weaknesses.  Every year our objective is clear:  develop a deeper relationship with the Lord.  If this is to be accomplished then we must be willing to invest ourselves with every ounce of energy that we have.  It is my prayer that the sacrifices we are encouraged to offer during Lent will help us be even more mindful of the ultimate sacrifice our Lord Jesus offered for each one of us.  I invite you to prayerfully consider participating in the many different activities and prayer services that are being offered at our parishes this Lent and to remember that in the weeks ahead Jesus Christ walks with us in a very special way.  During these Lenten days Jesus shows us the love He has for each one of us.

May we also be mindful this Lent that we cannot begin to ask God for something that we ourselves are not willing to do for others.  This holy season can also serve as a wonderful opportunity for us to evangelize.  I’m sure we all know someone who is not quite as active in his or her faith as he or she could be.  Now would be a perfect time for us to invite them to come back to the Church.  It really doesn’t matter what our past has been because we can always begin anew.  It is important for us to remind those who feel alienated from the Church for whatever reason of this.

May the grace and peace of this sacred time of Lent be with all of you!

Fr. Jim Volkert

Vision 21 – Tri-Parish Homily

Several years ago the Archdiocese of Milwaukee began planning for the priest shortage anticipated in the coming years. The results of this planning yielded a document called Vision 21st Century – also known as the Archdiocesan 2020 Plan. On the weekend of April 20th-21st, members of the committee will be sharing this plan and where they are in the process of implementing it.

The Vision 21 document starts out as follows:

There are three principal factors which will impact parishes in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee over the next decade:

  1.  From 2010 to 2020, the number of priest retirements will exceed ordinations resulting in a projected 40% reduction in the number of priests serving in parish ministry.
  2. The costs of operating parishes and funding ministries are escalating rapidly and parishes can gain economies of scale by collaborating with other parishes.
  3. The one mission of the Church, shared by all parishes, can be carried out more effectively by combining efforts and sharing resources.

This document is also based on certain assumptions:

  • All current parishes will continue to operate as separate parishes or as partners in clusters unless a parish petitions the Archbishop to merge with another parish or parishes. (There has been no discussion to petition the Archbishop to merge our parishes)

The definitions of collaboration and cluster need to be clearly understood:

  • Collaboration is “the willing cooperation of two or more entities to work together on common projects for mutual benefit.” All parishes, regardless of size, should explore ways of providing the most effective ministries by working with other parishes or clusters.
  • A cluster is “a grouping of geographically bordering parishes working together on a shared vision and ministry plan.” Clustering involves collaboration but is a formal relationship between parishes leading to the sharing of personnel, ministries, programs and resources.

We are here this morning to talk about the collaboration in our cluster of parishes, St. Charles, St. Joseph and St. Mary.

Over the past year, the leadership of your parish, along with St. Mary’s and St. Charles Parishes, has been meeting regularly to talk about the future of our greater Catholic community here in Lyons, Burlington and the surrounding area.  We recognized that we could spread the Good News of Jesus together much better than alone.

For years we’ve worked together successfully on many ministries.  Last month parish leaders met, along with our three pastors, to see where the Holy Spirit was leading us in our journey.  The result of that retreat was a Tri-Parish Covenant that essentially is a commitment from each parish to the shared work of the Holy Spirit.  Our pastors have endorsed this Covenant and our Pastoral Councils have affirmed it.

The benefit of this collaboration between our parishes has been and will continue to be:

  • To explore ways to share resources in the spirit of good stewardship
  • To explore ways to work together to spread the ‘good news’ of Jesus in the Archdioceses ‘new’ Evangelization
  • To strengthen and expand our Tri-Parish Youth Ministry, such as ‘Life Teen’, to include more youth and age groups.
  • To better understand and appreciate our unified support of our Hispanic Ministry

We are in a very blessed situation.  We have three unique, independent, healthy parishes all working to celebrate Christ and share His teachings.  We move forward respecting each other’s unique identity working together to serve our greater Catholic community.

We ask for your prayers as our three parishes continue to work together.  Thank you.

Tri-Parish Covenant

This covenant was created in 2013 to enrich our parishes and to serve as a vibrant sign of Catholic presence in our communities and beyond.

In an ad hoc capacity, the Trustees and Pastoral Council chairs of St. Charles Borromeo, Immaculate Conception (St. Mary) and St. Joseph Parishes will seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit to carry out the covenant.  With the endorsement of the pastors and affirmation of the Pastoral Council, we will support this covenant to continually explore ways to work together and to implement Archdiocesan vision.

Below is the link to the Archdiocese website for more information on the Vision 21st Century-2020 Plan


Chicken Dinner – June 3rd

St. Joseph’s 13th Annual Chicken DinnerChicken dinner

Sunday June 3rd
11:00am – 2:30pm
Raffles and Silent Auction at 3:00pm

Bring the whole family and friends too, for a delicious meal served by your friends at St. Joseph’s.  Stay for the fun activities, ice cream treats sponsored by the Mission Youth and raffle drawings at 3:00pm

Dine-In Dinner Tickets are $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children.
Carry Outs are $11.00 adults and $5.50 for children.

To guarantee your meal, tickets must be purchased by May 27th.

Stay for the fun:  Country Gentlemen Barbershop Quartet, Peter Donalds, solo artist and St. Joseph’s student, kids games, ice cream treats, raffles, silent auction, food, foam and fun!

Join us for a fun afternoon.

St. Joseph’s Casino Night

Saturday February 12th; 6:30pm – ??

Come to the “White House” for some pork-belly spending at the Craps, Roulette, Black Jack and Texas Hold ’em tables or spread your wealth… and hear the “U.S. Mint” spew it’s change from the new slot machines added this year!

Celebrate your freedom at the “Inaugural Ball” for your dining and socializing pleasure. Please stay for the diplomatic “Democratic” auction, followed by the radical “Republican” raffles.

The evening will be debated among constituents, like yourself, who arrive in true American fashion(red, white and blue)and earn and additional $5,000 “”casino cash”!

Tickets are available through the Parish Office, call 763-2050

Monetary donations, auction items or casino prizes are encouraged.

St. Joseph’s thanks you for your suport!