Tri- Parish Religious Ed Changes and Registration

Due to a decline in enrollment at all the parishes, the parishes decided it was time that we worked together for the better of all.  It just makes sense to pull our resources and volunteers together and use them in a more effective way.

The New Tri-Parish Program is outlined below:

High School: This program will stay almost the same, except it will not be called LifeTeen. It will now be called Family Life Night and parents are welcome to join their teens.

Grades K-8: There will be two options to choose from: Regular Drop-off program or Family Life Program.

The regular drop-off program will be held at St. Mary on Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:15am in the grade school. This program will run as it has in the past, you will drop off your children for class and pick them up when they are done. There are four times when parents are requested to attend with their children.

Family Life Night will be held the first and third Sunday of the month from 5-7pm at St Charles. The entire family is invited to attend but at least one adult must accompany the children for the evening. As part of the program we offer a 4:00pm Mass that will be family orientated and families are encouraged to attend.

Family Life Night begins as we gather for a family dinner at 5:00pm in Andre Hall. The first few dinners will be provided but then we will be asking for family’s to help out with donations of food items, set up and clean up. After dinner, around 5:30pm, everyone will attend and hour-long class. The students will go to their appropriate classes and the adults will also have a session. We are still working on the adult portion of the night and we encourage you to share your ideas with us. We are planning on a series of speakers that we hope you will enjoy. The evening ends with a family activity and blessing all centered on a theme. This year’s theme is “Tell Me a Story”. There will be different crafts, skits, games and other activities at this time. We will also use this time to demonstrate things life prayers and traditions that you can bring home to your own family time.


There is one form for the Tri-Parish Religious Ed Classes, includes high school. Please be sure to mark which option your family will be choosing. Please register as soon as possible so that the proper materials can be ordered. If your child needs a book in Spanish please note that on your registration form. All payments using checks should be made out to: St. Mary Church. All funds will be kept in a single location for our convenience. Registrations can be dropped off or mailed to the parish office, put in the collection basket or mailed to St. Mary marked REP.

Download the Registration Form Here [Registration Form]

Download the Family Life Night Calendar Here  [2017 – Family Night Calendar]

Thank you and if you have any questions give me a call at 763-2050 or email me at

Surf’s Up at the Surf Shack – Tri Parish VBC

Surf’s Up at the Surf Shack
Tri-Parish Vacation Bible Camp

August 1-5 ~ 8:30am – Noon
St. Joseph’s Parish Center, Lyons, Wi

Surf Shack - VBCAt Surf Shack, your child will discover an interactive, energizing, Bible-based program that will give them an opportunity to rid the waves with God. During Vacation Bible Camp at Surf Shack: Catch the Wave of God’s Amazing Love, your child will become a Surfer and explore how to serve God and experience God’s amazing presence in their lives.

After a high-energy Opening Assembly at the Surf Shack, the Surfers make their way to the Story Deck to discover amazing Bible lessons. Interactive Bible stories are highlighted by Wave

Words to help them recognize where God is inviting them to participate in His ongoing creation, and your Surfer will discover Pop-Up Verses (Bible verses) that will remain with them in their faith long after VBC.

The children will expand on what they’ve discovered by participating in a variety of activities: making their own art projects at the Craft Hut, singing new music at Tidal Tunes, participating in recreational activities at the Recreation Station, exploring science activities at Discovery Dunes, and enjoying tasty Shack Snacks. Along the way, the Surfers will hear about our mission project and enjoy meeting new friends and being active.

Join us at St. Joseph’s Parish Center, Monday-Friday, August 1-5 from 8:30am-Noon. A registration form is enclosed. Feel free to copy and give to a2016-VBC-Registration Form(DOC)

friend. VBC is open to all children 4K through Grade 6. Seventh graders on up are encouraged to help at camp and become part of our “Surf Shack Team”. Registration is due July 22 to ensure we have enough supplies. Suggested donation: $25 per child. Do not let this stop you from sending your child/children to camp. Contact Rita at 262-763-2050 or e-mail at with questions or to receive more information. Mail forms to: St. Joseph’s Church, PO Box 60, Lyons, WI 53148.

Registration Forms:

2016-VBC-Registration Form(DOC)

2016-VBC-Registration Form(PDF)

Flamingos For Rent

Flamingos-040Flamingos for Rent

Graduations or Retirement
Baby/Bridal Showers
Birthdays and Anniversaries
or any other special occasion

1-150 Beautiful Pink Flamingos
Delivered to that special someone!

All donations will benefit our Youth Mission Group

To place your order now click here and download the
Flamingo Flocking Work Order

For more information or to reserve your flamingos
Call Rita at 262-763-2050 or 262-203-0242

Special Mass Schedule

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Monday, December 8th
St. Joseph’s – 8:30am
St. Mary (in gym) – 10:00am
St. Charles – 7:00pm


Advent Reconciliation Service

Tuesday, December 9th
St. Joseph’s – 7:00pm


Tri-Parish Christmas Mass Times

St. Joseph’s
Christmas Eve  – 5:00pm and 9:30pm
Christmas Day  – 9:30am

St. Charles
Christmas Eve – 5:00pm
Christmas Day – 8:00am and 10:00am

St. Mary
Christmas Eve – 4:00pm and 10:00pm
Christmas Day – 9:00am

Vision 21 – Tri-Parish Homily

Several years ago the Archdiocese of Milwaukee began planning for the priest shortage anticipated in the coming years. The results of this planning yielded a document called Vision 21st Century – also known as the Archdiocesan 2020 Plan. On the weekend of April 20th-21st, members of the committee will be sharing this plan and where they are in the process of implementing it.

The Vision 21 document starts out as follows:

There are three principal factors which will impact parishes in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee over the next decade:

  1.  From 2010 to 2020, the number of priest retirements will exceed ordinations resulting in a projected 40% reduction in the number of priests serving in parish ministry.
  2. The costs of operating parishes and funding ministries are escalating rapidly and parishes can gain economies of scale by collaborating with other parishes.
  3. The one mission of the Church, shared by all parishes, can be carried out more effectively by combining efforts and sharing resources.

This document is also based on certain assumptions:

  • All current parishes will continue to operate as separate parishes or as partners in clusters unless a parish petitions the Archbishop to merge with another parish or parishes. (There has been no discussion to petition the Archbishop to merge our parishes)

The definitions of collaboration and cluster need to be clearly understood:

  • Collaboration is “the willing cooperation of two or more entities to work together on common projects for mutual benefit.” All parishes, regardless of size, should explore ways of providing the most effective ministries by working with other parishes or clusters.
  • A cluster is “a grouping of geographically bordering parishes working together on a shared vision and ministry plan.” Clustering involves collaboration but is a formal relationship between parishes leading to the sharing of personnel, ministries, programs and resources.

We are here this morning to talk about the collaboration in our cluster of parishes, St. Charles, St. Joseph and St. Mary.

Over the past year, the leadership of your parish, along with St. Mary’s and St. Charles Parishes, has been meeting regularly to talk about the future of our greater Catholic community here in Lyons, Burlington and the surrounding area.  We recognized that we could spread the Good News of Jesus together much better than alone.

For years we’ve worked together successfully on many ministries.  Last month parish leaders met, along with our three pastors, to see where the Holy Spirit was leading us in our journey.  The result of that retreat was a Tri-Parish Covenant that essentially is a commitment from each parish to the shared work of the Holy Spirit.  Our pastors have endorsed this Covenant and our Pastoral Councils have affirmed it.

The benefit of this collaboration between our parishes has been and will continue to be:

  • To explore ways to share resources in the spirit of good stewardship
  • To explore ways to work together to spread the ‘good news’ of Jesus in the Archdioceses ‘new’ Evangelization
  • To strengthen and expand our Tri-Parish Youth Ministry, such as ‘Life Teen’, to include more youth and age groups.
  • To better understand and appreciate our unified support of our Hispanic Ministry

We are in a very blessed situation.  We have three unique, independent, healthy parishes all working to celebrate Christ and share His teachings.  We move forward respecting each other’s unique identity working together to serve our greater Catholic community.

We ask for your prayers as our three parishes continue to work together.  Thank you.

Tri-Parish Covenant

This covenant was created in 2013 to enrich our parishes and to serve as a vibrant sign of Catholic presence in our communities and beyond.

In an ad hoc capacity, the Trustees and Pastoral Council chairs of St. Charles Borromeo, Immaculate Conception (St. Mary) and St. Joseph Parishes will seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit to carry out the covenant.  With the endorsement of the pastors and affirmation of the Pastoral Council, we will support this covenant to continually explore ways to work together and to implement Archdiocesan vision.

Below is the link to the Archdiocese website for more information on the Vision 21st Century-2020 Plan